A search engine designed to help contractors, engineers and the general public save time locating and save money by finding the facilities closest to their projects. The site lists and locates Quarries,
Asphalt Plants, Concrete Plants, Topsoil facilities and Landfills in Pennsylvania at no charge.

Also includes a Blog section that allows anyone to list any excess or needed topsoil or earth materials they may have on any particular project they may have for the users of this site to find.

Disclaimer: NUCA of PA is not responsible for compliance with the PA Clean Fill Policy for topsoil or other materials listed on the blog.

Check PennDOT Haul Routes

Contractors who are concerned with the impact of weight posted roads and bridges or bonded roads and closed bridges on potential haul routes needed to access projects can identify the load limits or closure status for specific structures on an interactive map by clicking the link below.

Posted & Bonded Roads Webpage

You can click on any road segment or bridge to get additional information such as posted weight limits, a video log or who the user is on bonded roads.

You can check and uncheck the selected boxes in the upper right corner to make it easier to read if you like.

You will want to Save the Page to your favorites for future use. The map is updated daily by PennDOT.

Direct Link to the Viewer:


The Pennsylvania State Council representing the Central Pennsylvania, Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh Sections of the
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) present the 2018 Report Card for Pennsylvania’s Infrastructure. Civil engineers hold
paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public. To help serve the public, the Pennsylvania Council has created this report
card to help educate Pennsylvanians of the status of the state’s infrastructure so that the public, in conjunction with elected officials,
can make educated decisions on how to prioritize funding to meet current and future needs of the Commonwealth. This report card
also makes recommendations to infrastructure owners and civil engineers on how improve our state’s infrastructure.
In the past four years since the 2014 Report Card for Pennsylvania’s Infrastructure, legislative support for infrastructure, public agency planning
and a thriving economy have had tangible