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Bitco Safety Discount Program

NUCA Pennsylvania and BITCO General Insurance Corporation are pleased to provide a cost-effective safety group insurance program exclusively for NUCA PA members.

Multiple Employer
Aggregation Program

Your Multiple Employer Aggregation Program ( is powered by the Lincoln Financial Group. 

An easy approach to offering your employees a quality benefit that can help them prepare for retirement

Call: (954) 951-4165
Christopher Price, CFP, RICP, ChFC

Rhino Hit Kits

10% Member Discount is available as of 9-17-2019.

1-800-522-4343 or email: [email protected]



NUCA offers several unique insurance programs to our members. Be confident that you have the right benefit solutions for your organization and employees through NUCA Advantage.


NUCA Member Benefits

A massive amount of content is included at NO COST to NUCA members such as a Learning Management System (LMS), a Compliance Calendar, OSHA Logs and more!

HR Solutions

Over twenty years in the human resource field has allowed this group of experts to truly pinpoint trouble areas that every HR professional faces on a daily basis. This knowledge is now at your fingertips!


HR Outsourcing

Insurance Plans

We provide a  full spectrum of insurance plans from our long term relationships with Allstate, Metlife and more. Take ADVANTAGE of the special life and disability policies only available to members.