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The NUCA PA Knowledge Base is a collection of documents related to issues affecting the utility industry. Once you access the Knowledge Base, scroll down the list to find your subject matter – OR – use the Search box to highlight keywords throughout the system.

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Interest Rate by Year

2022 rate – 3%

Each year the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue Secretary sets the annual interest rate NUCA Pennsylvania members can charge in accordance with the Procurement Code (Prompt Pay Act). The rate for 2022 is set at five percent (3%). This rate becomes effective January 1, 2022. The rate for 2021 was 5%.

2021 rate – 5%

2020 rate – 5%

2019 rate – 6%

2018 rate – 4%

2017 rate – 4%

2016 rate – 3%

E-Visory Online Help

Access to individual volunteers with expertise in each aspect of business

Welcome to NUCA

Introduction to the National Utility Contractors Association 2014

W-9 for Associate/ Affiliate Members

NUCA PA Signed form

Mobile Device Policy

This policy is a Word Document that allows you to fill-in your company name and other pertinent information.

Available Documents

A search engine designed to help contractors, engineers and the general public save time locating and save money by finding the facilities closest to their projects. The site lists and locates Quarries,
Asphalt Plants, Concrete Plants, Topsoil facilities and Landfills in Pennsylvania at no charge.

Also includes a Blog section that allows anyone to list any excess or needed topsoil or earth materials they may have on any particular project they may have for the users of this site to find.

Disclaimer:  NUCA of PA is not responsible for compliance with the PA Clean Fill Policy for topsoil or other materials listed on the blog.